MIRAGE is a virtual reality experience inspired by visual hallucinatory effects induced by psychedelic drugs. These effects include intense colours, moving patterns and textures, and blurred vision/tracers.

The concept originally began as a painting depicting surrealist imagery in a desert setting. The desert imagery was then applied to the VR experience design. The desert serves as a metaphor for the mind or mental landscape wherein a mirage occurs as a visual hallucination. The desert landscape also pays hommage to the rich psychedelic history associated with California in the late 60s, as well as the psychedelic plants that thrive in the desert, such as Peyote.

Original concept art. Mirage (2020), Harman Brar


The experience leads the user through an immersive journey in a desert environment. Slowly, the viewer’s perception is altered as they experience visual hallucinations. Mirage-like images appear and disappear, patterns of sacred geometry float by as the user interacts with their environment, and various effects mimic perceptual effects associated with psychedelics.

Still from MIRAGE 

MIRAGE is intended to be experienced using Oculus Rift.